Carved Bands Carved Bands
I am a prodigious collector of seed pods, dried leaves, and other miscellaneous, fragile crap that takes up space and is hard to dust. This small collection of rings is inspired by pretty, perfect, fractal natural flotsam.

Each piece in this collection is hand carved from wax using pointy tools and cast using the lost-wax method. These are custom pieces I make to your specific ring size and metal preference. Please feel free to contact me for further information or price quotes.

Cocktail Rings Cocktail Rings
I like rings with volume, with height; something that holds its own, architecturally speaking. I like to look down my arm to my hand and see the silhouette of something serene, bold, and magnificent.

I also like cocktails.

Floral Radiograph Floral Radiograph
Once I found an old issue of Smithsonian magazine with the most magnificent images of flowers I had ever seen. They were Albert Richards' radiographs and this small collection of brooches is inspired from his images.

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