Carved Bands

Blooming Rose Solitaire; 14K, diamond

Ginkgo Solitaire; 18K, diamond

Oak Leaf Wedding Bands; 18K

Tree Band; 18K, diamonds

Giant Kelp Band; 14K white gold

Spacey Rings; Palladium, Platinum, diamond

Moon Crater Bands; palladium, 14K rose gold

Ocean/Tree/Wave Band; Palladium

Ocean/Tree/Wave Band; palladium

Ridged Wedding Bands; palladium

Victorian Solitaire and Band; 18K, diamond

Victorian Solitaire; 18K, black diamond

Peacock Ring (with Blue Diamond)

Poppy and Diamond Eternity Band

Poppy Wedding Set; 14K white

Ginkgo and Sapphire Eternity Band

Art Deco-Inspired Ring (Akoya pearl, diamonds)

Tahitian pearl ring; 18K white gold

Pearl Ring; 18K, South Sea pearl, diamond

Tahitian pearl ring; 18K gold

Modern Tahitian pearl ring; palladium

Pond lily ring; 18K gold

Domed Poppy Ring; 14K white, diamonds

Mistletoe ring; 18K white gold

Art Nouveau ring; 18K gold

Rose/Ginkgo Band; 14K, diamonds

Rose Bramble Ring; 18K gold

Rosy Eternity Band; 18K rose gold

Rosebud ring; 18K white gold

Diamond Wedding Set (60pt diamond)

Diamond Solitaire with Rosebud Band

Chain of roses ring; sterling silver

Rosebush ring; 18K gold

Rosebush ring; 18K gold

Ginkgo ring; 18K gold

Daisy ring; 18K gold

Leaf ring; 18K gold

Forest of Trees Ring; sterling silver

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